Outdoor Summer Reading Children’s Cipher


The Phoenix Queens of the Nation Department of Community Education and Research understands that the key to global systemic change is nurturing, supporting and positively guiding the youngest members of our global family – our children.

The Early Childhood & Childhood Literacy Community Education Program is an example of our bottom-up approach to the design and implementation of the Department’s programs and initiatives. It is our belief that we must capture the minds, spirits, and aspirations of our children and plant the seeds needed to ensure that the global social, cultural, educational and economic change we seek becomes a reality.

During the Summer of 2015,we began our first ECCLCEP  literacy initiative – the Outdoor Summer Reading Children’s Cipher. The OSRCC brings children continued access to early reading and learning opportunities after the academic school year has ended. Our Reading Ciphers were held in NYC parks during the summer months. We also provided free books – ranging everywhere from children’s books to academic workbooks for grade levels pre-K – 9 – as well as healthy snacks and beverages for the children. Moving forward, the Outdoor Summer Reading Children’s Cipher will expand to include Back-to-School Drives and quarterly School Supplies Drives to take place during the academic year.


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