Social Reformation through the New Philosophy of Afrikan Redemption

“… As someone whose work is dedicated to the mission of global Black Liberation, one of the works that have heavily influenced my approach to my own work is Dr. George GM James’ Stolen Legacy: The Greek Philosophy is a Stolen Egyptian Philosophy (1954). While many in Black Consciousness circles are influenced by this work, much of the focus is on the first part of this book – in which Dr. James gives his analysis on how the Mystery System teachings of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) are the true source of what would go on to be called Greek Philosophy. This first part of Stolen Legacy is indeed powerful; unification of the Diaspora does begin with the reclamation, the recovery of our historical and cultural legacy. But, once we have that, once we have found out who we truly are… then what?

In the second part of Stolen Legacy, Dr. James lays out his theory – Social Reformation through the New Philosophy of African Redemption. His argument here is that there is a need to change the nature of education on all levels – the change being that the contributions made by the people of Afrika, the foundation that they built, must be acknowledged and taught to all people. History cannot continue to be taught as if it occurred in a linear progression which is not true. History occurs in the circular and within that circle is the nucleus and that nucleus is Afrika and it is what happened there that laid the groundwork and influenced events everywhere. Social Reformation through the New Philosophy of Afrikan Redemption is not about replacing White supremacy with Black supremacy. It is about the restoration of balance and equity among all people of this world. It is something that, regardless of one’s ideology, religious or spiritual leanings, we all see a need for and the world is calling out for – balance, equity, justice and so on…the higher ideals.”

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Black Diaspora Project


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