Mother & Child Chronicles

If You Would Build something Solid, don’t work with Wind: Always Look for a Fixed Point, something You Know that is Stable… Your Self

– Ancient Khemetic Proverb

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The experience of being a single mother inspired Phoenix-Zulu Queen Benu Xanamara Ma’at to base the foundation of her work in Hip Hop Pedagogy and Child & Youth Development on her son DJ. DJ has been right by her side every step of the way witnessing all of her accomplishments; learning, adapting and growing. Now ten years old and getting ready to enter middle-school, Queen Benu is getting ready to embark on a new level, new phase of her research. Is Hip Hop Pedagogy? Is it a useful means for positive Child & Youth Development? Will all of the Knowledge and Wisdom she has instilled in him so far keep him grounded and focused, despite whatever may come his way as he begins his transition into adolescence. These questions are the focus of her case – study for her research in Hip-Hop Pedagogy and Community Education for Positive Child & Youth Development and in particular, the Universal Zulu Nation Order of the Phoenix Rites of Passage Program.