Phoenix Queens of the Nation

Phoenix Queens of the Nation

Empress Zulu Queen Kenya

Queen Kenya 2

Empress Zulu Queen Kenya is a graduate of Fordham University, where she studied animal behavior, having earned a scholarship from The New York Zoological Society. After graduating, her dream of becoming a curator shifted to social inequality within the workplace. Queen Kenya would go on to become an organizer for the largest Union in New York, representing thousands of overworked and underpaid workers in many different vocations and occupations. She is presently a supervisor, training welfare to work participants in New York City.

Queen Kenya

In her role as Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) World Council President, Queen Kenya kept her finger on the pulse of every region, chapter and department of the UZN world-wide. Under her leadership, the UZN has expanded overseas in countries such as Tunisia, Tanzania, Uganda, Japan and the Philippines. Queen Kenya has also worked diligently with the UZN Department of Community Affairs Worldwide in its diplomacy efforts building solidarity with the governments of Nigeria, Venezuela and Cuba.

Queen Kenya 3

Additionally, Queen Kenya has participated in UZN Regional Training Retreats, Regional Conferences, Political Prisoner Support events, Free Community events in the Bronx’s historic Crotona Park, UZN Emergency Response efforts in Coney Island, Red Hook, and Far Rockaway, Peoples Survival Programs in Harlem, Anti-Police Terror Marches, Rally’s & Demonstrations.

Department of At-Risk Intervention and Prevention

The Department of At-Risk Intervention and Prevention creates and implements alternative services for troubled youth and young adults ages 11 – 24 while providing supportive services for their families. Specific to the  individual needs of the youth and young adults we serve, this department seeks to address those issues that alienate and steer them down self destructive paths, utilizing restorative justice as a tool for getting them back on track to living and contributing positively to their selves, families and communities.