Ghetto Gospel Movement Youth Violence Prevention Initiative: The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series


The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series (ECPL) combines the arts and cultural education; examining and exploring the histories and contributions of Traditional African and Indigenous World Cultures in both the so-called pre-colonial and post-modern context. A key theme throughout the the series is the evolution of instruments – taking participants back to ancient Africa; examining the roots of both musical and cultural forces that now live on in the form of Hip-Hop Culture today. The goal is to provide the participants with a powerful and positive delivery of performative storytelling, socio-political perspective, and a value-based lecture, one that is True to the Hip-Hop, Afrikan and Indigenous to Cultures. 

Developed in the 1960s as a sub-genre of Performance Art, the Lecture Performance has returned within the field of contemporary art during the last decade. In 1964, the American artist Robert Morris life-synchronized 21 minutes video documentation of a lecture by the famous art historian Erwin Panofsky in front of a New York audience. Morris used the purely reflexive format of the lecture, arguably for the first time as an artistic medium, to question the established conceptions of the artwork and of the mechanisms of the art context during his performance.

Throughout the following decades, artists like Dan Graham (Performer/Audience/Mirror, 1975), Joseph Beuys (Jeder Mensch ein Künstler – Auf dem Weg zur Freiheitsgestalt des sozialen Organismus/Each Person an Artist – on the Way to the Freedom Figure of the Social Organism, 1978) and Andrea Fraser (Museum Highlights, 1989) encouraged this development. While Morris thematized language/how to speak about art, Graham focused on the viewer, and Fraser reflected the institutional surrounding. With the new crop of Lecture Performance, the format has expanded to include a range of issues that fall outside the previous focus on the specificity/critique of art. The use of the format in contemporary art can be explored initially based on two aspects: the rising value of conversation as medium to produce knowledge within a hyper communicative world and the role of contemporary (theoretically leaning) artists within education.

The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series is a platform for those who understand the relationship between art and knowledge, art and research, art and socio-political justice, and do so via a Hip-Hop Cultural lense. This Series will operate as a space in potential, one in which art, life and society is deconstructed, recontructed as well as created via an intimate, honest and open conversation between the artist and the audience

This program is free and open to the public. All ages are welcomed and encouraged to attend!!! Donations accepted and will go towards this program…

For more information please contact The Phoenix Queens of the Nation @

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On January 16th, 2016 The Symbol from all is love was invited by the Phoenix Queens of the Nation: Wisdom Born Zulu Chapter 29 as a special guest Performance Lecturer for the Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series in the Bronx, NY. Here is a video from the presentation.

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