Ghetto Gospel Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Program

The Ghetto Gospel Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Program a key component of the Phoenix Queens of the Nation’s At-Risk Intervention & Prevention Initiative bridges Hip Hop Culture and Spirituality in order to address and prevent youth and gang violence within our communities. 

Participants of this program will be introduced to the History of the Birth of Hip Hop Culture – educated on the original intent and purpose of Hip Hop as a means to combat and end youth and gang violence in the South Bronx during the 1970s. This program recognizes that today’s youth are very much disconnected from that early history, and acknowledges that information as being key to our youth gaining a deeper and more meaningful connection to the Culture they love. 

The goal of this program is empower and equip them with the tools needed to make better decisions and Life choices. We believe that the combination of True Hip Hop Culture and Spirituality – helping our youth learn more about themselves in a historical context and helping them to Love Self and others will put them on the path to becoming leaders within their communities and pave the way for positive change. 

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