At-Home Resources for Chidren & Youth…


Staying true to our mission to rebuild and restore balance to low-income, marginalized and disadvantaged communities by helping, encouraging, inspiring and empowering women, children, youth and young adults around the world, Phoenix Queens of the Nation’s Department of At-Risk Intervention & Prevention Services is designed to seek, provide and/or develop concrete and realistic services and access to resources that put those we serve on the path to economic empowerment.

Learning Loss is any loss of knowledge and skills as well as reversals in academic progress. Learning loss is due to extended gaps or discontinuities in a student’s education. While learning loss can manifest in a wide variety of ways for a variety of reasons, because of this time of Social Distancing forcing schools and after school programs to be closed, learning loss due to the Interruption of Formal Education is a serious concern for many students.

Please be on the look-out for upcoming information connecting you to distant learning services and resources as well as information about local food banks, farm shares and community based organizations that are providing assistance on the ground… Peace!!!