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Message to the Grassroots: Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya, Malcolm X, and the African Diaspora

“The above quote I shared of Kaluuya comes f…rom an interview he did for GQ and was his response to Jackson’s critique. I shared Kaluuya’s words during the discussion and somehow, what he expressed went over the heads of some folks. Some just couldn’t get … Continue reading Message to the Grassroots: Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya, Malcolm X, and the African Diaspora

The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series Presents… Hip Hop and the Politics of Identity and Representation

On Saturday, January 16, 2016, The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series hosted special guest Performance Lecturer TheSYMBOL at The Bronx Music Heritage Center. His performance lecture – Hip Hop and the Politics of Identity and Representation: If Hip Hop is a Legitimate Culture Who Is a part … Continue reading The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series Presents… Hip Hop and the Politics of Identity and Representation

Outdoor Summer Reading Children’s Cipher


The Phoenix Queens of the Nation Department of Community Education and Research understands that the key to global systemic change is nurturing, supporting and positively guiding the youngest members of our global family – our children.

The Early Childhood & Childhood Literacy Community Education Program is an example of our bottom-up approach to the design and implementation of the Department’s programs and initiatives. It is our belief that we must capture the minds, spirits, and aspirations of our children and plant the seeds needed to ensure that the global social, cultural, educational and economic change we seek becomes a reality.

During the Summer of 2015,we began our first ECCLCEP  literacy initiative – the Outdoor Summer Reading Children’s Cipher. The OSRCC brings children continued access to early reading and learning opportunities after the academic school year has ended. Our Reading Ciphers were held in NYC parks during the summer months. We also provided free books – ranging everywhere from children’s books to academic workbooks for grade levels pre-K – 9 – as well as healthy snacks and beverages for the children. Moving forward, the Outdoor Summer Reading Children’s Cipher will expand to include Back-to-School Drives and quarterly School Supplies Drives to take place during the academic year.


Phoenix Queens Open House

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Phoenix Queens Open House


Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education

4pm – 6pm

For more info Contact Zulu Queen Benu Ma’at @

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Phoenix Queens of the Nation Joins the DOH #MaybeTheIUD Campaign…

This fall, the Phoenix Queens of the Nation joins other NYC women’s organization’s for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s city-wide Reproductive Justice Intiative which is designed to address and educate women and families living in NYC communities about their reproductive rights and access to services and information.

One aspect of this intiative is getting the word out about the benefits of using the IUD as a form of effective birth control. The IUD is a highly effective, low maintenance birth control option. It is a small, T-shaped birth control device that a health care provider inserts into a woman’s uterus. There are two-types – one contains hormones – and lasts for up to 5 years and the other does not contain hormones and lasts for up to  ten years.

For more information, please visit:


Take Action and join the  #MaybeTheIUD Campaign

Community members are being encourage to take action and get involved in this important community health initiative. Some ways that people can get involved are:

  1. Organize a tabling or workshop with free promotional items.
  2. Contact Latasha at and get a free swag bag.
  3. Take photos of the ads in the subway/bus shelters or of your organization using campaign materials and post on social media with #MaybeTheIUD
  4. Interested in materials in Spanish? English and Spanish campaign materials are available by calling 311.
  5. Thought of something we didn’t? Want to get creative in other ways? We’d love to hear about it. Contact Alexis Santos-Vimos for any questions or to share ideas:

For more information on how to join the Phoenix Queens of the Nation and how you can get involved and participate in this and other community programs and initiatives please contact:      Zulu Queen Benu Ma’at @ or

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Zulu Sistah Power Hour Community Meeting

Phoenix Queens logo final version


Feb. 4th: Zulu Sistah Power Hour @ 6pm-9pm @ National Black Theater 2031 5th Ave betw. 125th & 126th Harlem NYC. Trains: 2 3 4 5 or 6 to 125th St. There is no charge to attend. Special guest speakers, info and more! Doors @ 5:30pm for Networking – Bring Your Brochures & Business Cards

Featuring Film/Video & Promotional Presentations By:

~Phoenix Queens Of The Nation Chapter 29 Members  will provide information on it’s mission, Programs and strategic plan for 2015. New members are welcome to register & Join throughout the evening. ~ or ~ Contact Zulu Queen Benu:

~ Bronx Women’s Shelter Family Support Project
Join the UZN Department of Community Affairs by signing up for the initiating of it’s newest “Serve The People Project” in support of the mothers & children currently living inside of the NYC run Bronx Women’s Shelter.

~ Mothers & Parents Against Police Brutality
Come and meet with Mothers, Grandmothers, Widows, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts & Nieces for collective family updates on upcoming actions in the Justice struggle for their loved ones killed by the NYPD.

~ Unveiled/Unlocked & The KityRose LyfeStyle
Aleathia Brown and Catherine Warren will provide a short video & cultural presentation on their respective groups which provide healing and strength from Motivational Speakers to Visual Artists/Poets etc.

~ A Blast From The Past: Conscious Hip Hop Music Videos
Sister Souljah – “The Final Solution; Slavery’s Back In Effect”. In recognition of the January 29th release of her latest novel; we will screen this groundbreaking conscious music video as well as Sister Souljah’s followup video “The Hate That Hate Produced” See them both again for the 1st time.