The Universal Zulu Nation Order of Ma’at… Bringing Theory to Practice


Healers are Spiritual Warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their Souls. Awakening and Rising from the depths of their deepest fears like a Phoenix Rising from the ashes. ReBorn with a Wisdom and Strength that Creates a Light bright enough to Help, Encourage, and Inspire others out of their own darkness.
We Are the Universal Zulu Nation Order of Ma’at!!!

(Poem Written By: Melanie Koulouris)

Birthed from The Phoenix Queens of the Nation Wisdom Born Zulu Chapter 29, the goals of the Universal Zulu Nation Order of Ma’at are to Restore Balance to our communities, and Help, Encourage, Inspire and Empower each other and the people we serve. We strongly believe in putting Theory to Practice and Practice Being guided by Theory. Our organizing efforts in the community are guided by the Theory of Collective Action:

Theory #1: Raising Spiritual & Social Consciousness

In order to raise the Spiritual and social consciousness of our communities we must first raise the Spiritual and social consciousness of ourselves. We firmly believe that knowledge of Self, Education and Awareness are the three fundamental Elements in raising Spiritual and social consciousness.

Theory #2: Organizing People with Similar Interests

While collaboration is important in achieving our goal of developing concrete and realistic solutions to issues facing our communities, all members of the Universal Zulu Nation Order of the Phoenix must be committed and passionate about working as communities organizers. This is not for the weary or faint of heart… our communities deserve much more than that.

Theory #3: Mobilizing Resources for Collective Action

We recognize Resource Mobilization as a sociological theory that forms part of the study of social movements. We believe that it stresses the ability of any movement’s members to acquire resources and mobilize people towards our goal of developing concrete and realistic solutions to problems within our communities. By everyone coming together we’ll be able to:

• formulate a resource mobilization strategy (funding and in-kind resources)
• identify potential sources of funding
• actively solicit pledges
• follow up on pledges to obtain funds
• deposit funds and record transactions and any restrictions on our use of funds

Theory #4: Strategizing a Series of Increasingly Decisive Collective Actions

We believe that in order to bring about change in our communities, we must be the change we wish to see. In order to be that change, we believe that a consensus among the community members is of great importance… As agents for change, we must be able to come to an agreement on exactly what issue(s) must be addressed and in which manner and order.

Theory #5: Take a Decisive Political Action

We believe that once a consensus is made, a plan of action can be forged. We believe that all plans of action must be concrete, well developed and planned. Decisive, brave and bold decisions are what our communities need not only in our outreach to them but in our role as leaders and decision makers.

Theory #6: Repeat!!!

We believe that once we have come together and formulated a plan of action we don’t stop… we keep going! The Universal Zulu Nation Order of Ma’at is sincere in our commitment to our communities!!!

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