Phoenix Queens of the Nation Department of Education WorldWide



The Phoenix Queens of the Nation Inc. Department of Education Worldwide is committed to providing disadvantaged, impoverished and low-income children and youth with access to a holistic educational experience by providing realistic and quality programs and initiatives – helping to positively develop and nurture their academic, cultural and emotional intelligence skills while also serving to address their social needs on a grassroots level. This department is also committed to creating safe spaces for children and youth to thrive both academically and in life. Adhering to the principles and vision of the Universal Zulu Nation, this department is committed to developing and preparing children and youth to become the next generation of leaders, organizers and educators who will utilize Hip Hop Culture as an effective tool for global, equitable social change and community empowerment.


  1. To provide access to a common body of knowledge and opportunities that will develop a lifetime commitment to learning
  2. To help children and youth develop analytical and critical thinking skills  
  3. To help children and youth think creatively; how to reflect and analyze
  4. To promote an understanding of, and respect for, such differences as gender, age, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability
  5. To help instill in children and youth Knowledge of Self and appreciation of diversity in individuals; utilizing sociocultural contexts as a foundation for learning
  6. To develop effective skills in the use of media and technology as related to learning and global awareness
  7. To develop powerful academic portfolios needed for those children and youth seeking entry into higher education

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